Pearl Jewellery Making Workshop

Pearl Jewellery Designs Made from High quality Freshwater Pearls and Shell Pearls

Work with our designers to bring your dreams to life. Our craftspeople will work with you to translate your idea into a keepsake that is designed to last.

Traditional Jewellery from Maharashtra

This form of Maharashtrian bridal jewellery is worn by the woman at the time of her wedding or in a puja ceremony. Nath. Thushi. Kolhapuri Saaj. Vaaki. Putli Haar. Ambada Veni Phool. Tode. etc.

Preety Jewellers Gift Box packaging

Preety Jewellers Gift Box packaging

 The way you present your jewellery pieces is almost as important as the quality of the pieces themselves . At Preety Jewellers you will find the jewelry boxes with different designs and sizes and shapes .